Crossover Culture

Jan 2021

I don't review ever.. but this semester was so hard with virtual learning, and professor Reider was unbelievably understanding. He was super approachable and understanding of exterior circumstances and/orheavy workloads. The class itself, though he may sometimes wander off in his own thoughts, is super interesting. He pushes the norms of what most professors teach at Columbia. He challenges the liberal notions many students and faculty hold, and really push students to take themselves outside their comfort zone and put themselves in other's positions. He was the, by far, best professor I have had at Columbia. The class itself touches on, through his lectures and class discussion, about culture in America, explaining the divisions in the country and the newer dynamics of cultural and poltic identities. I learned a lot about the other 'America,' and the cultural explanations for a lot of the structures of today's current culture. You will have to look at a situation from an entirely different position, but it blurs the lines in culture and generalizations. Take the class, but if you actually put some effort into attending lectures and readings, you will actually see the world and culture through a different light.

Nov 2020

I do not recommend taking his class. (Crossover Culture) You'll only get a good grade if you agree with his opinions and demonstrate them in your writing. Moreover, he is not at all organized. The syllabus mentioned a 5-page midterm paper, with no date. Then one Wednesday we were notified that it will be an 8-10 page essay due by Monday. Last thing, the main text he used for the class had homophobic undertones he completely ignored. The content is interesting. It was fun learning about the history of mainstream American music. But it does not make up for the rest.

Apr 2016

I cannot sing Rieder's praises enough! He seriously cares about his students and makes time to meet with each student in his seminars personally to revise/brainstorm their essays. He is passionate about his areas of research, and is genuinely interested in people (refreshing and unfortunately too rare for sociologists). I will emphasize that he is much better in seminar format than lecture; it's a more manageable format for the types of discussions he tries to have. He is not super-organized, which can be frustrating, but I still think his classes are very worth it, for his expertise and the questions he makes you consider. If you care about identity politics, pop culture, music, and the human side of sociology, TAKE A RIEDER SEMINAR.