East/West Frametale Narratives

May 2021

Professor Grieve is a super kind woman. However, much like the reviewer below me, I also do not believe that she deserves a golden or even silver nugget. The reading for this class is unbelievably long (for one class, we had to read a 400 page book, an article on said book, and watch a 130 minute movie). I am the type of person who does not usually care about reading length and will do it all, but this was simply too much. That being said, you don't absolutely need to do it all. Doing half of the reading and reading summaries is more than enough to get by. Classes are painful, and that is the brutal truth. She rarely has plans or structure for the seminar and relies heavily on students asking questions or suggesting discussions. It makes two hours feel like four. The material is interesting, but it is too much and professor grieve does not seem to know how to use it. Much of it is left undiscussed even though we often have extra time left at the end of the class. Overall, I do not recommend this global core class. I'm sure there are much more productive ways to use the requirement in a more enjoyable manner. I tried to drop the class but you have to reach out to the professor directly to drop it and I was too scared of offending her.

Apr 2016

I took this class senior spring to fulfill the Global Core elective. I truly despised this class, and I dislike the Global Core requirement in general for how it completely lacks direction and does not fulfill its purpose. This class was a small discussion class twice a week that was in Casa Hispanica (painfully far from EC) in which attendance was mandatory. No one ever spoke (or quite frankly touched the reading, which could have been very interesting if the professor could in any way teach it) and when people did you could tell it was just to get their participation grade up. This class was my least favorite kind of joke class: just persistent enough that you had to stay semi checked in to do well. I much prefer the kind where if the class does not give you a reason to take it seriously, it acknowledges this by allowing you to gracefully not show up. Grading was totally arbitrary as I knew many people who got 95/100 on the midterm and the final seemed to be graded on improvement rather than performance. For context Patricia Grieve runs the Global Core requirement department (or whatever it's called). She is a professor of Spanish literature. This class was, except for Arabian nights, entirely focused on European literature and culture (we read Cervantes and Chaucer, for example). I do not know why it counted as a Global Core course except that she is the one who gets to make those decisions. She is also the one who decided that some History and Econ courses about Asia (among others, I'm sure) do not count as courses about "non-Western culture." Imagine that, another white person pretending to be an educator of non-Western cultures by teaching Western culture.