Comparative Perspectives on Inequality

Apr 2016

I found Professor Kesler to be a great lecturer. The class itself was very informative about inequality in the United States. While we didn't get to delve very deeply into all of the subjects, it was a great overview of how the US compares to other countries in terms of socioeconomic, class, race, gender, healthcare, and other forms of inequality. Professor Kesler uses PowerPoint slides in lecture that are very organized and helpful for tests, and she is very open to helping students. She seems to be very kind and to care about the students and their opinions a lot. The class has a pretty solid amount of reading, but it's not necessarily imperative that the reading gets done. There are activities in class that center on the readings, but they usually involve group work or opinion responses and are only graded for completion. I found most of the readings interesting anyways, so I enjoyed doing them. There are two relatively short research-based papers, and Professor Kesler offers a lot of help with them. The midterm is take-home but you have to do it during the class period (submit it online and take it wherever you want with open-notes). It wasn't awful. The grading is done partly by Professor Kesler and partly by the TA, and I found it to be very fair if not somewhat generous. Overall, I would definitely recommend this class if you are considering sociology or interested in learning about inequality in the US. It definitely broadened my perspectives and made me interested in sociology.