Walk This Way

Apr 2016

I don't know that I would recommend this course, but I certainly wouldn't discourage students from taking it. I think the organization of the class is just more enjoyable for some students than others. It's a different type of classroom experience. I think some students would agree that more planned instruction/discussion would have been appreciated during class time. We always started class with just any comment from the class, but with the vague and open-ended topics regarding walking that were discussed, I think some students just weren't sure where to start sometimes. This meant that the same few people ended up talking most of the time. In any seminar class this is bound to happen, but I think because the discussions were given no direction at the beginning of class it happened even more in this class. That being said, the workload was extremely light. I almost never did the readings and it didn't really matter. Anytime we turned anything in, Professor Sharpe always said it wasn't for a grade, that it "was part of the process" . . . I haven't gotten my grade yet so I don't know what that means.