Sociology of the Body

Apr 2016

After reading the reviews below, I was super nervous about going into Bernstein's class, and almost decided not to take it. I am so glad I didn't listen to the comments below. I don't know what happened in that class, but my experience with Bernstein has been anything but monstrous or horrid. This class was amazing, and there hasn't been anything offered before that's remotely like it, and I sincerely hope they offer it again. Not only is Bernstein downright brilliant, she put together an amazing syllabus and facilitated amazing discussions. She managed to break down texts which were often more theoretical and dense than most sociology classes might assign, and explained them clearly and simply. She's also incredibly sweet, responsive to emails, helpful outside of class, and it was clear that she was just as invested in the class and the material we were studying as we were. I absolutely loved every bit of this class. It completely changed the way I think about sociology as a discipline, and the type of work that sociologists can do. You will want to work hard for this class, not just because Bernstein has high expectations, but because the readings are all absolutely amazing.