W3200 Spanish Grammar and Composition

Nov 2007

Don't do it to yourself. She gives ridiculous amounts of homework - which you won't finish in time if you have any other classes on your schedule. Then, to make matters worse, she calls on you when she just KNOWS you don't have that question done. I came in thinking that a 5 on the AP Spanish test meant I was well-equipped to take Romero's grammar and composition class. And well...I was wrong.

Feb 2007

In response to the previous reviews: yes, the guy is really funny -- but not on an intellectual level, it is more about saying things in a funny voice. What is funny about him is more inherent: he is a native speaker with a Phd in Spanish who has been teaching the same course for ages. My experience: learned nothing in class, nothing from the material but all from independent study. I do not recommend this "teacher".

Jun 2004

Professor Vila is a nice, cheerful man. That said, he is a terrible teacher. I learned next to nothing from him. He is very laid back, which works well for native spanish speakers, but for students who are working hard to pick up grammar, his nonchalance and answers of "I don't know, man" or "It doesn't really matter", make this class pointless and more difficult. I would not recommend taking this class with Professor Vila.

Apr 2004

Very, very laid back class. Vila is funny and easygoing, which makes it easy to participate in class. However, if you are looking to really improve your Spanish, this might not be the class for you, especially when the prof admits that he doesn't know the answer to a question about grammar.

Sep 2003

Jennifer Lin-Martinez is not only a good teacher but a good person too. She makes the class atmosphere relaxed and pleasant, and she frequently has the students work in groups. The material in this course is almost all review for anyone who has taken the Spanish A.P. and done well, which makes the class pretty easy and unstressful. The workload isn't bad at all, and the take-home essays are all short (1-2 pages double spaced). This is how they work: you hand in an essay, get it back with corrections next class (usually), and then rewrite the essay for the week after. If you really want to improve your spanish writing, you should take these essays seriously. On an interesting side note, Jennifer Lin-Martinez is Taiwanese, and she'll occassionally teach you some chinese words...which is pretty cool. All in all, W3200 is a good course, and Lin-Martinez makes it easy and enjoyable.

Dec 2001

This woman is SO funny...she is constantly making jokes that she finds hysterical, and although they are not usually funny at all, the students end up laughing anyways. She is really sweet, and she will sing for you in class as a special treat. Sra. Aguilar has a great voice and loves music, so you will probably have many "music days." She is very serious about Spanish grammar so she will drill some rules into your head, and point out any error you make in an oral or on a worksheet. However, if you are nice to her and always wear a smile, you will do well. Her grading system seems to be based on how much she likes her class. You will definitely enjoy this one.