International Law

May 2016

Worse than anything I have experienced in my four years at Columbia. Students to Putnam are like taxes to ordinary people: highly annoying but must be dealt with. She is utterly incapable of delivering a coherent, let alone interesting lecture, and is downright rude in her comments. To this day I don't know if she is just socially awkward or nasty, but whatever it is, her approach to other human beings is unacceptable. I was coming into this thinking that while the reviews are negative, the subject matter is interesting enough to cover for it. Boy was I wrong. The material is only mildly interesting and her teaching methods are just painful. A typical class would be an unorganized Putnam delivering a messy lecture, followed by blank stares of those of us still awake. Her inability to publish anything useful on the matter should have perhaps informed the poli sci department to hire someone else, but unfortunately, they believed she is the best candidate. Go figure. Avoid Putnam at all costs.