Chemistry II

May 2016

Prof Beer isn't that bad. After reading the CULPA reviews, I was nervous to take Chem II with him and thought it was going to be a horrible experience. However, it wasn't bad at all and I actually did better this semester than last semester in Savisky's Chem I. Chem II is a lot of problem solving so as long as you know the general concepts and how to employ the formulas you should be fine. Prof Beer also gives you all of the formulas on a sheet so there's no need to memorize them. Most people don't come to lecture. In my class of about 100 (?) people, at max. 30 people would come to lectures. Prof Beer writes on the chalkboard, which initially was kind of annoying because I was used to powerpoint, but you get used to it after a few classes. He also posts all of his lecture notes on courseworks. The lectures can be pretty dry, especially when he derives formulas, which is unnecessary because he gives them to you on every quiz and exam. However, he usually explains the concepts well, although I'd recommend doing the textbook reading and taking notes before coming to lecture so you already have a better grasp on the material. He also goes over problems in class that usually appear in a slightly different form on the exams, so it's important to know how to do those. Sharon was the best TA ever. She makes sheets with important terminology and formulas and chooses problems from the homework questions that are more important. Rose was not a good TA, perhaps from lack of experience. She also speaks way too softly and isn't clear about what she's doing. So if Sharon and Rose are the TA's next year (even in Chem I), definitely choose Sharon. Her quizzes aren't easy, but you can do well. The exams were a lot harder than Savisky's, but the average was also lower (usually around 15-17 out of 25). However, there are problems that you can get each time and its only the last few in each section that are usually more difficult