Anime Effect: Japanese Media

Dec 2016

This class was, without a doubt, one of the more interesting and fun classes that I have taken throughout my college career. Your homework is to watch a famous anime film or a couple episodes of a series, read a dense 100 pages or so of anthropological writings and then she will generally give you a prompt for which you have to write a one to two page, single spaced paper. Nothing terribly difficult. She just gives you a check or check + depending on your analysis. Beware though, this may be a class that is fun and games most of the time, but Professor Ivy expects you to put forth a strong effort both in and out of class. Make sure you come well prepared to speak in class and on the papers, even if she says something simple like give a short reaction to a film, make sure you put a lot of thought into it and support it with text from the readings that week. With that said, early on professor Ivy can come off as somewhat of a cranky old woman, but beneath that stoic exterior she is actually a very caring individual. She is certainly very knowledgeable about the subject of anime and its effect on Japanese media and culture, and shares some strong opinions about various topics. This might be my one criticism of Professor Ivy. Because she has such strong, well researched opinions, she can sometimes be dismissive of students with differing opinions on a subject. Regardless, you end up learning a whole lot from her about Japan, Japanese media, the history and techniques behind anime, and the forces of anime on the various mass subcultures of Japan. I'm quite surprised this isn't a global core to be honest. You only have to do one final paper 15 page paper, double spaced, and its contents are completely up to you. I recommend picking a topic that is relatively broad and can be supported using a lot of the text from the semester. She does reward you for digging deep into very specific analysis though, but might require more time spent on researching good quotes and supporting evidence. Basically, just participate regularly in class, and have go to supporting evidence and you will be just fine.