Holocaust Literature and Film

Dec 2001

Although everything we read and saw was amazing, I was very disappionted with the way the class was taught. It took a month to get back the first paper, and the second paper won't be given back this semester (if at all), although it's already been a month since we turned it in. I'm not sure how he plans to grade the last paper. At the rate he goes, he'll still be grading papers at the start of next term. Becuase Levine is so demanding, yet unable to get papers back in a desent amount of time, it was difficult to want to work hard for him. He was also unexcessable--he often ignored e-mails. On top of this, we never got out of class before 10 mins after the actually ending time. Although the information/topic was powerful and amazing, it was difficult to sit through the class. Levine called on a select group of people, and generally stifilied class discussion. Oh--the class only focused on the treatment and experiences of Jewish survivors, ignoring other groups tha were effected; on top of this, it was taken for a fact that everyone in the class understood Hebrew, so biblical referances made in the course of class discussions weren't translated. I was very dissapionted becuase I really wanted to learn about such an important part of history.