Philanthropy and Social Difference

Feb 2017

DO. NOT. TAKE. THIS. CLASS. I know that this is only the first year that this class has been held, but Professor Adams is truly problematic. She teaches the class in conjunction with a Dean, who is very nice, but they are obviously unorganized. They both come into class and use the first ten minutes to discuss the format of the class for the day. Why they could not have sat down for 10 minutes sometime during the week to figure that out is beyond me. Also, the readings are incredibly long and boring, we barely talk about them at all, and we aren't even tested on them. We also have essentially zero guidelines for grading, and we have to write short papers each week (that are pretty stupid, honestly) that are graded harshly by both professors. Adams is also just mean spirited. I was sick one day and didn't want to attend our volunteer day, and she e-mailed me claiming "I just saw you on broadway with your friends....I am glad that you are feeling better." Even if I was on Broadway, that was rude. I could have been at Duane Reade or something and she could have given me the benefit of the doubt. Regardless, there is no need to defend my whereabouts, because that was truly just one of the most passive aggressive and rude e-mails I have ever gotten. This class sounded amazing, but now I know to read and trust CULPA before taking classes in the future.