Psych Research Methods Lab

May 2018

Ken is a bit of a dull lecturer, but overall this is a good, simple class. It is very straightforward and he lets you know what he expects of you right from the beginning so it is easy to do well. I knew nothing about scientific articles and lab reports and this class has definitely helped give me the foundations that I need to succeed if I want to continue taking more science courses. He is very understanding and tries his hardest to make sure everyone is at the same level, that being said he is a little boring.

Apr 2018

Prof. Light is a really nice guy, but his lectures are incredibly boring and often give borderline inaccurate or just unscientific information. I've previously taken psychology in high school and don't consider myself super knowledgeable in the field, yet I find myself getting frustrated as he misexplains concepts like reinforcement schedules and the difference between a dependent and control variable (very basic stuff!). Although the class is technically easy, it's definitely not worth the tedious lectures and assignments and sheer frustration at how this class somehow qualifies as science

Jun 2017

I only had Professor Light for lab lecture, not lab itself. But his lecture is incredibly boring. I often wondered what the point of the class was. He took roll so everyone had to show up, but it was essentially a class on the scientific method, which I would hope Barnard students already know. One lecture was learning how to format an APA style research paper. He could have just put a sample on courseworks, but instead we spent an entire 1 hour and 15 minute class going over which headings to bold, where to indent, etc. It was an easy A, but you honestly may want to take a more interesting lab if you're doing this to fulfill your science requirement.

Jun 2017

Sussan is the best! She genuinely cares about her students and doesn't want them to be too stressed. This class has a lot of seemingly pointless work on the syllabus and Sussan completely understands that and is reasonable about the class. She's approachable and gives great feedback. If you're deciding who to take for Psych, take her!!!