Jul 2017

Oh how I loved this teacher and this class. Professor Pittman was my first teacher on my first day ever at Barnard. He's really down to earth but clearly knows his stuff. He's always open to hear from students' experiences, though he definitely holds a certain level of feminist/social justice standard that you shouldn't really challenge. Most of this is predictable stuff- He wouldn't stand for any homophobia, misogyny, racism, etc. in the classroom. While this is great and definitely very important I did sometimes feel like our answer to every question was that it's straight white men's faults. I don't necessarily disagree but I didn't feel as challenged as I would have liked about the conventional ways even feminists view gender and sexuality. Besides that though the readings were fascinating and pretty manageable (mostly articles) and he also added in some artist works and issues into the class. Alex is the sweetest professor you could ask for and I'm really grateful I got to learn with him (and hope to do so again).