Calculus II

May 2021

Prof Dimitrov made Calculus II extremely survivable. This man deserves the gold nugget. I had a hard time in Calc 1 and was pretty scared of Calc 2, but Prof Dimitrov's level of organization and his clear/concise teaching made Calc 2 easier (in some ways) than Calc 1. For each class, there were 2 15-30min pre-recorded lectures with super neat hand-written notes to watch before class. The actual class time was designated more as a time to ask specific questions and clarify things. I had a 12+ hour time difference, so I didn't attend any of the classes and I found that the pre-class lectures alone were good enough to understand the material well. There were weekly problem sets (except the weeks with midterms) and I'd say they contained a good balance of easy and challenging problems. The midterms were quite nice, no surprises, followed the same format as all the practice tests that he provides. The final was painful, though. Still, the man got TO HIS OFFICE AT 5AM to proctor the international students. If that's not accommodating, idk what is. Also, his accent and voice were nice

Dec 2020

Piechnik deserves the gold nugget. Her class is super fun and chill. Lots of guest appearances made by her cats. The contents of calc two aren't super difficult to grasp but she does a great job at explaining concepts. The workload is also pretty light. Maybe five to seven problems from the textbooks due before class.

Jan 2018

Honestly, I didn't try other Calc II sections in order to compare Bin Guo to other instructors, but I believe he is pretty good at teaching. His lectures are well structured and, while some might say it is terrible that he uses textbook problems, it helped a lot when I couldn't make it to class. During lectures, he would always give a more detailed explanation, so I was never bored. I think he goes on a fair pace, never too slow but also not that fast. His tests were similar to the practice problems he posted and not very difficult. He's an easy grader, because he bases the marks on your explanation rather than on your answer.

Dec 2017

This is the worst teacher ever. You will not understand anything he teaches in class and when he provides answer sheets to reviews/homework there is not explanation as to how he got to those answers. You will spend so much time frustrated over his teaching you won't even have time to do all the other work the class entails. Do not take his course he spends half of the class fixing mistakes he makes while trying to do examples.