Great Political Thinkers in the Black Intellectual Tradition

Jan 2018

I really enjoyed this class actually! It has a great syllabus of 19th century thinkers, and it's a great class if you want to expand your knowledge on different theories in Black political thought. I had never taken a political science course and I was totally fine in this class. I also really liked Professor Smith. She's incredibly kind and gets along really well with her students. She also gives a ton of extensions which is great. However, she didn't grade essays on time. I didn't get a single grade back until the day before the last class. It turned out fine, I don't think anyone gets less than a B+ on assignments, but it was annoying. However that being said, I appreciate that despite this class being an 8:40, I found myself actually looking forward to it.

Dec 2017

I had Michelle Smith for Great Political Thinkers in the Black Intellectual Tradition. It was a great class! And Michelle is a great teacher and very passionate about the subject matter. But she was pretty disorganized throughout the semester, i.e. didn't give us our final on time, didn't grade anything until the end of the semester which was frustrating. But overall very life-changing and gave me a new perspective on race.