May 2019

Hee-Jin was an excellent instructor for ALP 9; she did an excellent job explaining topics and grammar with the use of analogies. I think for someone who needs to improve their English before entering University Writing (UW), she will be a great resource; however, she lacks time management skills in a way that we were continually receiving our feedbacks and a grades later than promised. Besides, she made few statements regarding her availability or extra steps in our development that she promised and never delivered. I think Her-Jin needs to use a technique under-promise and over-deliver; that will work best for Columbia student. Another aspect where she felt short is that she asked us to write an essay from the standpoint that she wanted us to write; I believe that everyone should have their own opinion and they should develop there own ideas instead of writing by cliche. I understand that her approach is the best way to learn how to write a specific type of essay, but in the UW we will be defending our points of view and ALP 9 could of be a good platform to develop writer's voice. I would rate Her-Jin 8 out of 10, and I would recommend her class to a close friend or family member. Overall, she was a big help in my development; I have learned a lot since the beginning of the semester. Now, I feel confident about entering UW and rocking it.

Nov 2018

He is truly one of the most inspiring teachers I've met. He does require you to read the text and show up to class prepared. But, it's not going to be a difficult class. Prof. Lindeman really wants you to succeed and will do his best to help you along. He's very personable and very understanding if you are struggling with anything.

Nov 2018

not a fair grader at all. I didn't get why someone was allowed to use a laptop when taking an in-class written exam when most of the class had to write with pencil and paper. If I got to use a laptop, I would be more comfortable. did not realize how terrible the teacher was until I take UW this semester. If you don't know how to treat people fairly, just don't teach international students.

Jan 2018

Dr. Saltzman is the best instructor ever. She has an outstanding teaching skill and a very cheerful personality. She does everything possible to help students to improve their writing. If there are any issues, she is always there to help. She gives an excellent feedback on every single paper and is willing to spend as much time as needed to help to improve your essay and direct you in the right way. I highly recommend taking an ALP with her. Yes, she is demanding and will make you rewrite your paper a few times but it is totally worth it.