Sociology of Schools, Teaching, and Learning

Apr 2018

I have mixed feelings about this class. Teresa Sharpe is INCREDIBLE and deserves a gold nugget, without doubt. The reading list for this class is incredible - I have rarely had a class where I felt so invested in/ excited about doing the readings. On the other hand, though, the sort of lecture/ seminar mix of this class was hard for me to follow - I think the course would have been much stronger as a true seminar, but instead it ran just like a bunch of small student-led seminars, since there were ~40 people in the course. This meant that I didn't get as much time working with the brilliant and incredible Professor Sharpe, a true loss. Also, as a service learning class, one component of the class is tutoring weekly with the Columbia Tutoring and Learning Center. The tutoring component of this class was disorganized, disconnected from the course, and useless. I did not enjoy it just because of how difficult to work with the TLC was. It ended up taking a lot more time than they made it sound like it would, and it was entirely disconnected from the learning I was doing in class. A lot of people in the class felt this way and its still a pretty new class, so I think there definitely is hope for the future, but definitely the tutoring component is something to be aware of and prepared for going in.