Egypt in a Classical World

May 2018

Professor Morris is one of the most understanding professors I have had the opportunity to meet. The class is pretty straight forward and organized too. She uploads all of the reading material to Courseworks (yay no book) under folders with labeled due dates. Keep in mind they're suggested reading for the lecture. Her teaching style is very seminar/lecture -esque. Questions are always welcome, but she speaks the entire time with an accompanying powerpoint. She speaks fast, and about key points that are not on her powerpoint. Either write quickly or remember everything. The midterm and final are both essay based. They're super easy if you prep and attend class. She gives 5-6 prompts a week before, and 3-4 of the questions are word for word. There are also extra credit opportunities, so you have to really try to fail her class. Midterm, final and class project are the only things that are actually graded (besides the recitation grade) This class is the only one this semester that I genuinely looked forward to going to. I got there early and I sat in the front - two things I almost never do.