V1101 Elementary Spanish I; W1220 Comprehensive Intermediate Spanish

May 2011

SPAN c1220. This class combines two semesters of intermediate spanish into one, so you would think the school would hire someone who really understands the language to teach the class. Unfortunately, Borgman is not that teacher. She is a sweet lady, but often speaks in English, teaches to the lowest common denominator, has a very difficult time explaining grammar, and is disorganized. I would not recommend taking this class if you actually want to learn Intermediate Spanish, but you certainly can learn it on your own and the grading is not harsh.

Jan 2002

Overall good grad student. I highly recommend. His quizzes can be annoying though and when it comes to the grammar of Intermediate, they're downright frustrating. Papers are fairly easy. He goes a little hard on the vocab and grammar though, so proofread well (but you'll probably still have litle green x'es all over your paper anyway).