Intermediate French II

Jun 2018

If you have the mobility in your schedule to take Caio - DO IT. He may be a doctoral candidate, but he is by far one of the best teachers in the department. A native speaker of Portuguese, he gets the grammar AND why it's so confusing to english speakers. He's incredibly intelligent, but is also very patient when students get confused. He does teach a few literature courses in the department so you may read a good bit of Baudelaire, but he does his best to not make things boring. Caio knows that students don't share the same interests in readings and works to give a range of things so you aren't bored out of your mind during class. A lot of the videos we watched were interesting and didn't feel as if they were designed for kids, but rather geared towards people of college age. In terms of grading, he's very generous, taking into account what you have and haven't seen in class (which also means he won't put something on the test that hasn't been discussed just to trick you), gives a reasonable amount of bonus on the exams if he can, and will even give you a chance to make up points on an exam if he can tell you are struggling with a concept. He's taught both the regular semester version and the summer, so if you need to finish up your language credits in either of these times he is definitely a good choice!!