Women and Gender Politics in the Muslim World

May 2021

I took this class during the semester where everything transferred online. I had no idea what Lila was talking about most of the time, but the material was interesting. I have an intellectual crush on that woman though, so I dealt with it.

Apr 2019

I figured that Dr. Abu-Lughod's reviews needed a more recent posting. I took her Women and Gender Politics in the Muslim World Class for a global core, and it was a really good decision. Lila is extremely sweet and receptive, and if you make the effort to go to her office hours she is very helpful in answering questions. Yes, her lectures can sort of ramble, but she usually comes back to a main point at the end. Beware - she uses almost no digital aids, so attendance is highly recommended to keep updated on the class content. This class was a great survey of women and gender issues in muslim communities, countries, and beyond. Do not take it if you aren't at least somewhat interested in these topics.

Oct 2018

A lot of the other reviews here are old, but I think that they are still pretty accurate. Professor Abu-Lughod is undeniably brilliant and I would highly recommend her written work to anyone looking to learn more or just read something interesting. However, her lectures are extremely disorganized. She jumps between thoughts and never completely finishes any of them, making it impossible to follow what she's saying and even harder to take notes. The topics are interesting, but honestly the experience of sitting in lecture was so stressful that I wouldn't recommend this class unless you're REALLY keen on learning about women/gender politics in the Muslim World and can't find another class that might teach comparable subjects.