Liberalism: Origins and Challenges

Oct 2018

I absolutely loved taking this course with Luke. Not only is he crazy smart, he is a thoughtful and engaging professor. He presents the texts in a palatable way, shares his own expertise, and encourages discussion and debate. As a political theory professor, he has been my favorite in my time at Columbia. You should attend class, you should participate, but there were plenty of people who didn't and still did fine. The papers are graded pretty fairly, but if you don't either try hard or discuss them with him, you likely won't get an A. The final is short questions and if you do all the readings, is manageable. I really enjoyed taking this class, I did the readings, I showed up, I didn't spend all that much time otherwise studying or slaving over papers, and I got an A-. In terms of ease, it's your average political theory course, but in terms of what you'll get out of it, and Luke's teaching, it's way above average.