First-Year Writing: Women & Culture

Dec 2018

While I understand why students often get frustrated with her, Professor Condillac is easily the best teacher I've ever had. She is so supportive, encouraging, and helpful, but only if you show her that you are willing to work just as hard as her to refine your essays. I have found that on the days where I am 100% engaged and paying attention, I leave feeling so much more at ease about whatever paper I'm working on because she is THAT amazing of a teacher. You just have to really focus and hear what she's saying and participate in her activities and discussions. The days that I missed or was browsing online and not paying attention, I felt overwhelmed and confused, but rightfully so because I wasn't giving it my best effort. I already considered myself a very strong and talented writer before entering this class but my writing has improved SIGNIFICANTLY. She is not only very educated and experienced in her field--she is actually so skilled at teaching. I turned in multiple drafts late and she still worked diligently with me on them and took her time answering all my questions. So, no, this won't be an easy class, but if you stick it out and remain engaged, I promise you will come out a much better writer than you were before!