The Politics of Income Inequality in the United States

Dec 2018

I don't care about the course (It was great though?! Super interesting, great topics, good readings, never dull, amazing discussion!) I care about Judith Russell. Judith Russell is wonderful. WHERE is this woman's gold nugget? She deserves it. The amount of time she spends in office hours is astonishing, and it is incredibly obvious how much she cares about and respects her students. She is by far the most approachable professor I met at Columbia. For her mentorship and office hours chats alone, any class she teaches is worth taking. Her name is going in the "acknowledgments" section of absolutely everything (if I get published. Her teaching? She's smart as hell, and it shows. Also, unapologetically liberal as f*ck. She is just a super fun person to sit in seminar with. eleven out of ten.