May 2019

The singular worst professor and person I have interacted with at my time at Columbia. I think the best example of how disrespectful this professor is towards students is when he pulled up the website for Columbia Psychological Services before the second midterm and told us to go there in case we needed help handling the pressure of the upcoming midterm. I think CPS is a great resource on campus, but when you as a Professor are basically taunting students saying that they should seek mental counseling to manage the stress of how hard this midterm is going to be, it's obviously malicious. The tests in this class are extremely difficult, but for the wrong reasons. The statistics is a healthy level of challenging, but the test is really about your ability to calculate values to decimals. You know that when a test would be infinitely easier with a basic calculator that there is no correlation between the exam and true learning. Additionally, it is ridiculous that there is a gigantic R project due but he doesn't teach us any R in the class itself. Also calls people out by name in class for being on their phone, and whereas each professor completely has a right to manage their own classroom, there is absolutely no reason to go out his way to call out and humiliate students.

Jan 2017

Easiest class I've ever taken. Easy A if you apply minimal effort- and I mean minimal. She's a great teacher, very straight forward, and kind of funny..

Dec 2016

Comparatively speaking, this course has been a superior experience in terms of imparting knowledge and tools in introductory statistics from any predecessor that I have taken. Professor Cunningham possesses an unmatched passion for his field that is as refreshingly tangible as it is infectious. The curriculum is crafted in a structured, organized, and accessible manner and Cunningham’s lectures are delightfully animated by his witty antics and desire to thoroughly communicate the topics at hand. Through adjustments implemented during the semester, Cunningham has demonstrated that he is both receptive and encouraging when it comes to feedback from his students. There was, however, an illusion at certain points in the semester, (that existed predominantly in the first half) that I was taking two courses instead of one due to the large disparity between what we were being taught in lecture and what the readings and assignments were on. By its nature, this class is oftentimes heavily bogged down with mathematical proofs and intricate notation. Cunningham was mostly able to navigate this well, though he tends to sacrifice simplicity by heavily embellishing points that could otherwise be delivered far more optimally. If he were to thoroughly follow through on some of the exercises he had inventively illustrated in his lecture slides, I feel students would be better able to intuit concepts. Cunningham broadens the scope of the topics he teaches to be applicable and useful outside of the classroom which is an invaluable and highly recommendable quality.

Feb 2015

This class was incredibly frustrating. The first four weeks covered material that I could have learned about by watching a semi-intellectual sitcom, whereas the rest of the semester moved at high speed. He very quickly covers or even completely skips over the very complicated formulas that deserved two weeks to discuss. The lectures were mumbled and filled with ranting, and whenever he worked out a problem on the chalkboard, he wrote small and scribbled, without properly explaining anything about it. I ended up teaching myself all of the materials, as he was never available and the TA's were completely unhelpful. You actually saw students in the class pulling out wikipedia in class to teach themselves the material while tuning the professor out. He once re-scheduled a make-up test without telling me that he changed the date, causing me to wait in the STAT office for an hour for no reason. He briefly apologized. The textbook is well done, easy to understand if you are willing to spend several hours a week teaching yourself. The project took hours of data collection and analysis. He poorly explained the first part, so it was entirely possible to get to the second section of the project without having the information needed to fill it out. The grading was clearly done by a brief skimming of the material, and they docked me 10 points that I later got back for failing to notice information that I put in bold all-caps at the beginning of the second page- making it painfully obvious they picked a grade without looking at the assignment.

May 2013

The class is not hard at all. 2 midterms which are open book and a take home final. Each are worth 25% of your grade. You will have 10 HW assignments that will also be worth 25% of your grade. This is a hard class. I took AP Statistics in high school and it was harder than this class. It's not the easiest to get an A+ in because you have to do the tests her way (and write her way) in order to get full credit. I learned to do the tests a different way in high school (the better way in my opinion with a p-value and everything) and it took me a while to get used to her six step formula. Basically, as long as you adhere to rules, you should be able to do well. I wish I learned more for a 4 credit class, but I guess it'll pad my GPA.

Dec 2011

Take this class! Professor Zahner is one of the most adorable professors I've had in college, and she genuinely wants students to do well in her class. This is a side job for her (she also works full time), so she's only doing it because she loves teaching. She posts the lectures on Courseworks, and you just print them out and then fill in the information that she purposely leaves out so you can learn it in class. She gives examples and explains concepts that people don't understand. We never took the whole lecture time for class - we usually ended about halfway through, and then we either left or reviewed the homework. The recitation is blocked for 2 hours each week, but it rarely took more than a half hour and didn't actually happen each week (it's only when the homework assignment has an SPSS portion).

Jan 2010

This statistics class is unnecessarily conceptual. The tests are comprised of multiple choice, short answers, and long work problems. The shorts answers are a pain and you have to memorize definitions. The book is pretty good so I stopped going to class and ended up doing well but I had taken statistics in high school. Some people in the class definitely struggled. She is not an engaging lecturer. Basically each class consists of her going through a powerpoint and asking some conceptual questions. The homework takes more time than necessary and it takes forever for you to get it back. This might work for people who want more memorization and less math but I just found it to be annoying.

Dec 2009

Probably the easiest Stats class you will take in your life. No, maybe even the easiest class you'll take in your life, ever. I took another stats at Columbia (also an intro) and it was INFINITELY harder. The tests are open book, open notes, open everything. And it's not like you even need all the notes you bring with you, because the questions she asks are sooo easy and simple. Just make sure you write down everything she says in lecture, and there is no way that you could do anything other than ace the tests. Take this class with Zahner. She is really nice and sweet and you don't need to do so much work!

May 2009

Doris Zahner is fantastic. She hands out outlines for every lecture that make note-taking easy, helps with homework during recitation/lab, and has remarkably elegant ways of explaining complex concepts. If you fill in your outlines, go to lecture, do the homeworks, and do the study sheet problems, there is no reason why you will not get a very good grade in her class.

May 2009

Professor Heuer is funny, smart and an all around really nice guy. He is an extremely fair grader, and if you keep up with the homework, you'll do just fine. His classes are very powerpoint based. If you miss a few, you should be fine. My suggestion: you don't have to go to class, but you really should go to recitation. Usually it's just a few people, the review problems often end up on the test, and it's basically just like going to his office hours. Statistics isn't my favorite thing in the world, but he certainly made it a good class. If math isn't your thing--this is the class for you. You really don't have to be all that strong in math to do well. You just have to stay on top of the homework.

Apr 2008

Zahner is great! She explains statistics pretty clearly, is very nice and chill and easy going. It is worth it to take the 9am class just to have her as the teacher. She is a wonderful role model of an intelligent, kind woman. She still remembers what it's like to be a student (not too long ago she was in grad school), so she gives students a lot of slack (you don't have to buy the textbook, for example.) Because Zahner worked for a few years, she has a lot of practical knowledge about psychology and statistics and makes it interesting and relevant. Even though the tests are open-notes, they aren't super easy. You still need to think about the problems, and preferably study beforehand. Don't expect to get an A with no effort. I took statistics last year, so this class is mostly a review for me, and yet I'm still probably going to get a B.

Jan 2007

Well. Let's just say that I am glad to have completed the class. I learned a lot, but I feel that the homework took wayyy too much time and some of the problems were redundant and unnecessary. The recitation is not mandatory, and I personally did not attend recitation (maybe 1-2 throughout the entire semester) but I feel that the information covered in the textbook/class is sufficient. The classes were very organized- Prof. Heuer always taught straight from the powerpoint slides available online (thus omitting the need to attend class). However, I studied for the exams by reading the textbooks and using the powerpoint slides as a secondary reference- I didn't think the slides were that helpful..they served more to 'aid' what knowledge you had instead of actually 'teaching.' Now, on to a review on the professor himself. He's a pretty cool guy- he drives a motorcycle and as one reviewer mentioned, he hates giving out tests & the whole grading mumbo-jumbo. He reads his reviews on culpa (hello, professor) and is strict in emphasizing that he does NOT follow the curve that one student mentioned in a previous year. His grading policy is alright- there are 3 non-cumulative midterms and the lowest grade is deducted by 1/2, BUT I STRONGLY believe that it would be sensical to factor in the homework, as it takes up an insane amount of time (expect at least a solid 2-3 hours) on top of the reading. You need all the homeworks completed except for 3 to pass the class. Now, there are several characteristics that I did not find agreeable with the professor. First of all, he hates answering questions. If a lot of people ask questions, he appears disgruntled and gives curt answers. He's nice, but in my opinion, he's not very approachable (I can't really explain it- perhaps because he doesn't like answering questions). He's a bit...lazy or really, really busy to the extent that he does not like to do extra work-- for example, if you ask him to put up answers for something or whatever else, he'll either do it late or he'll just not do it. The first test came out of nowhere and it screwed up my grade. He didn't prepare us at all for it, and the grades weren't that pretty. The second test was pretty easy because he took the time to prepare us with sample MC and short answer. The third test was hard- sample MC was available but he didn't take the time to provide a sample short answer section, which would have been extremely helpful. This is turning into an essay, so to sum up the class: Professor Heuer is organized and will teach you the material needed to pass this class. His grading policy is fair but expect to do a lot of work on your own in order to understand the material. He's a decent professor so just take the class.

Dec 2006

You're probably reading this because you need to get that science requirement out of the way--WW1101 is one of the better choices, Lindemann one of the better (read: less bad) teachers. The class itself itself is deceptively easy. There are three non-cumulative (!) exams. Each one is split into two parts worth equal amounts: multiple choice + free response, with MC drawn from the text, free response from lecture. Supposedly. The truth is it's all in the book. For the first test I attended all the lectures and skimmed the book and got a C. For the next I skipped the lectures but knew the book well and got an A+. Causation, no. But an interesting correlation. That's something I learned from the book. You'll notice that I largely ignored Lindemann in this review. That's because, as annoying as she is, she doesn't matter. This class is about you and your book. Know the book and you'll get an A.

May 2006

Doris is awesome!!!!! We definately reccomend this class. She explains the material really well and makes statistics as interesting as it could possibly be. Tests are straightforward, exactly what she teaches, and there's a curve. She is also the best dressed professor in the school and probably the coolest one too. Basically, Doris Zahner rocks!

Feb 2006

This class was deffinatly challenging, but Zahner is really the best. I have taken stat many times (3) and taking it with her was the only time i actually both computationally and theoretically understood the material. You will deffinatly work hard, but if you do you will get a good grade. And she is the nicest professor I've ever had.

Jan 2006

Larry is a great guy and he knows stats very well. Overall a great class but if you are having trouble with the material, and you can't make it to his office hours, he doesn't seem to have any extra time for help. Also, his tests are very conceptually based so you HAVE to read the book and understand the logic behind the problems you are doing.

Oct 2005

This woman is such a sweetheart--I hate math, but love her! Lectures are boring (because of the unavoidable math aspect) but she is helpful and so welcoming of questions, and makes lectures very lighthearted. If you are pretty good at learning on your own it might be really monotonous (she goes pretty slowly) but you can always skip out on lecture as long as you go to recitation (where the homework, weekly chapter in a workbook, very doable, is gone over THOROUGHLY) you'll be fine. Bottom Line: if you have to learn statistics you might as well learn it from one of the nicest professors around.

Jun 2005

Professor Stroessner is hands down one of the best professors i've ever had. He's laid back & funny while still conveying incredibly interesting material. His lectures are (despite what another obviously delirious student said) incredibly well structured and highly interesting. Exams seemed easy, but that's only because he prepares students well and adequately tests what we had learned. He also brings in examples from experimental research--which is much more interesting than simply stating ideas & theories. I wasn't in the lab for social psych but I wish I had been--not because the class was particularly difficult without it, but because I think it would have been a lot of fun! I really can't say enough about how much I liked Stroessner's courses!! Take him for whatever class you can!!

Jun 2005

Doris is the best! She is friendly, helpful, incredibly approachable, and she really makes sure you understand the information. Stats can be difficult sometimes and she makes it as UNcomplex as possible. I HIGHLY reccomend her stats class.

Feb 2005

I honestly couldn't dislike T.Z. if I tried. She is such a sweet, adorable person. Wicked smart, too -- if you check out her CV. She goes slowly through the material and seems eager to make sure every student understands. Her jokes are ... well, let's just say it's the innocent, untutored delivery that makes people laugh. She's one of the profs you'd like to get to know over coffee.

May 2004

I took this course because this professor has received so many wonderful reviews. I was extremely disappointed with the class and the professor. If you have ANY knowledge of math in the slightest, this class is slow, boring, and you often feel like you know more than the professor. She is extremely disorganized in her notes and often admitted that she explained concepts wrong, She depended on the answer key to go over the workbook problems, and seemed to have no idea of how to explain the material in another way. I hated going to class more than anything, and luckily, the class is geared so you can miss class, not do the work, and still get an A. I left the class with an A, but with no real understanding of statistics, because the exams were handed to you with all equations and all you had to do was put it in your calculator. If you want a brainless A, this class is for you, but if you have any desire to actually learn, take it from another professor.

May 2004

I don't know why I am complaing about this class. It was the easiest class I've ever taken, I didn't need to go to class, studied an hour before the exam, and still did well. BUT-the class was so easy that I actually found it to be insulting. This was not a college level course. I bet my AP statistics class in high school was way harder. The tests are open book and notes-so I really can't say I learned anything. You just had to spit the notes back onto the test, and you'd get an A. No thinking needed at all. I have no problem AT ALL taking an easy class, it was great actually...but it was also such a waste of time. Plus, it seemed like Zahner didn't want to come to recitations more than we did. The recitations (originally 2 hours, cut down to 1...) were optional and she cancelled them frequently. So the class was easy, and you probably should take it just to boost your GPA. In fact, i'd probably take it again. i was just frustrated at how low the level of the class was.

May 2004

I LOVED PROFESSOR ZAHNER! To begin with, her class is probably the easiest class EVER. Just show up to class- or don't, if you don't want to, because she posts the notes online. But be aware that if you dont make it to class, you will definitely miss something- it is a pleasure to get to know Doris as a person, and she infuses her classes with tidtbits about her life (her marriage, Graduate school, college days, etc.). She is very well organized and always comes prepared, but she is not afraid to say she has made a mistake. And she takes it slow. If you dont understand something, then ask. It was just great going to class to get to know Doris better, but if youre taking a hard workload or looking for a way to fill that math requirement, Stats for Psych with Professor Zahner was amazing.

Apr 2004

SHE ROCKS!! Doris is not only a great teacher but she's also one of the greatest dressers i've ever seen!! She is so well organized and so clear in her lectures. She is always available by email and has weekly labs where she will answer any and all questions. I don't know why no one else has left any feedback because if you have to take statistics defff take her!!

Jan 2004

Kenny is really nice, a great teacher--especially for those of us who really suck at math (myself included). I have not gotten an A in a math-related course since...I don't even know when but I did in this class! I struggled in it a bit, I am not gonna lie but she drops two test grades and I am pretty sure that is what did it for me. I truly have no idea otherwise how I got this grade but I sure as hell am happy I took the class. She is a pleasure to be around and truly enjoys teaching. Don't feel like you can't crack a joke every once in a while either. Most people are really quiet but she is not averse to having some fun in there. She told me that she appreciated my sense of humor and making her laugh. I totally recommend this course and this teacher.

May 2003

Tough course, but I really learned the material. Prof. Yang was accessible and helpful. I really dreaded this class, but he made the material comprehensible and even interesting.

Nov 2002

This woman is amazing. She is probably the first real teacher I have had since coming to Barnard. She defines a good teacher. Not only does she explain the material very well during class (even though it gets a little dull at some points) she is still willing to meet with you, talk to you on the phone or via email until she feels that you understand the material. She does not just put a formula on the board and expect you to know it, but rather explains why that formula works and how it works. And when she does not know, she doesnt make up an answer but is completely honest and does not expect her students to understand something she does not even understand herself. She is a priceless gem, if you are a psych major or just trying to get out of your math requirement easily take this class with this woman, she is a great teacher.

May 2002

Prof. Kenny is a really sweet and understanding professor overall. I thought that there were times that she surprised me-especially in the middle of the semester, she moved quickly through the topics. I was confused during that period. I think she is clear and straightforward with the beginning topics (the easiest ones). She is fair though. If you can do well on her take home, you should be fine if the final goes okay for you. In thinking about her compared to the other profs. for stats, she's probably the one to take it with. She's always willing to help, whether by email or phone.

May 2002

Professor Heuer is SO cute. What a nice guy. He felt so bad about giving us exams that he brought candy in for us on test days. He gives lectures in the form of Power Point Presentatons and always includes really dorky jokes to keep the class entertained (and awake.) Let's face it, statistics SUCKS and he knows it as well as we do -- so he tries to make it as painless as possible. If you do have to suffer through this course, take it with Heuer.

Jan 2002

Professor Kenny's teaching style is geared towards people who have no mathematical background which is good for those who are forced to take this course as a requirement for the Psychology major. She knows her material well and takes the time and effort to learn all of her students names. She will spend as much time as is necessary on certain concepts even if it intereferes with her syllabus. She tells the class beforehand exactly what will be covered on the tests and provides a formula sheet. There are no surprises and she is a generous grader who gives many opportunities for extra credit. At the end of this class you will really know the material and have an appreciation for statistics that you may have doubted even existed before you began. If you want to understand statistics and do well, take stat with professor Kenny.

Jan 2002

Stroessner is a great lecturer and he's laid back about letting you interrupt him to ask a question anytime during lectures. He's also very approachable and considerate of students' needs. He even sometimes changed dates of when assignments or exams were to accomodate to the students in the class. One time, he even proctored one exam at 4 different times because he changed the date of the exam from the one he wrote on the syllabus and felt bad that he might have messed up people's studying schedules!! (how considerate unlike other professors who seem to think that their class is the only one you're taking that semester) He spent more or less time on the material depending on how the class was doing with it claiming that he doesnt need to be "religiously slavish" to his syllabus b/c its more important that we understood the material. In addition to being a great teacher, he makes lectures and recitations fun by relating the material to real life, including anecdotes from his field of research (social psychology). I'm not a math person, so I was scared of taking this class but now I am convinced that Stroessner can teach any subject matter if he can teach someone like me not only to solve stats problems but to understand and appreciate it! I highly suggest you take him for not only this class, but any other class he's offering.