Global Health & Ecology

Feb 2021

I took this class several semesters ago and had a very different experience than some of the previous reviews would indicate. In my experience, Prof Heller was very knowledgeable about the content and more than willing to explain difficult concepts multiple times to make sure that her students understood. I have no background in science but this course was a fascinating and reasonable introduction to biology.

Dec 2019

Professor Heller is a really nice person and very kind. But she honestly does not know much about Global Health & Ecology. Not to mention the course itself is actually biology, microbiology, and global health & ecology. Professor Heller does not know much about the topics, most of what we learned was very surface level. I learned stuff I've learned in other classes but worse. This class wasn't particularly difficult and the lab was pretty fun. Take it if you want, but be warned!

Feb 2019

I would not recommend taking this class. Personally, I took it to fulfill my science lab requirement and it certainly did not make me want to take any more science classes. Heller is a perfectly nice person, but she does not come off as particularly knowledgeable in biology, especially when she fails to answer almost any question asked by students during lecture. It’s as if she memorized the information contained within her slides and has no knowledge outside of that. I have no desire to unnecessarily bash her, but that is the experience that my peers and I *generally* had. I found the exams to be very difficult and hard to study for, with the exception of the final. If you are a science major looking to fulfill the “thinking through global inquiry” requirement or you are otherwise very well-versed in biology, this class is probably a decent -- albeit boring and occasionally frustrating -- way to do it. However, if you aren’t a fan of biology or tend to struggle in science classes, I would not recommend it in the slightest. Overall: boring lectures, difficult exams, less than stellar prof.