The Supreme Court and American Politics

Nov 2005

Finishing law school and STILL using his book/notes. Better than many of the law school classes I've taken.

Feb 2004

I thought Bajeera was a fantastic TA and was very receptive to answering questions and clarifying material. she also was very helpful in going over what was important to the cases when I met with her.

Nov 2003

Even though she was only a TA in this one, i thought i should warn people. She's really snotty, and if you go to her for help, even with a good question, she will look at you with disdain.

May 2003

Lieberman is good enough, although, he is pompous as all hell. If your question is stupid, he'll let you know, if it's not, he'll say the answer is obvious. The class in general is great, if you are intersted by the Court. If not, don't take the class (there ain't no politics here).

Dec 2002

This was the best class I ever took in the poli sci department. Is overviews a wide variety of constitutional law issues (race, gender, abortion, separation of powers, impeachment, etc etc etc), and the class sessions consist of discussion in addition to lecture, which makes things interesting (especially when the prof shoots down some big-mouthed, opinionated student). And Lieberman is absolutely great. Not only will he stay around to answer questions from the class, he also arrived 20 mins early to every class and stood in front of the room ready for questions.

Oct 2002

Prof Lieberman is an excellent and extremely smart lecturer who might come off as pompous only because he seems to really know everything about the topic! He doesnt hesitate to thankfully inform "that annoying know-it-all" that a quotation of sectionA subsection II line 3 of the Constitution is completely irrelevant and wrong. If you have any interest in law take this class!!.Although its a lot of work, i learned more than in any other class ive taken at Columbia. Unlike some of the other reviewers, i thought the grading was extremely fair and the TA's (although fairly snooty) did not rip into people's papers. Extensive research was NOT needed for the papers since Leiberman tells you exactly what cases to use.

Jul 2002

great lecturer, not very helpful on the assignments though...nor are the T.A.'s. Dificult course, lots of memorization of cases. Papers are somewhat short but demand a lot of research and assignments are rather misleading. Great for pre-law interests, although it may be discouraging-not good for a GPA boost...

May 2002

Probably not a good idea to take the class if you can't stomach some gratuitously liberal comments or can't restrain yourself from screaming when someone makes a completely idiotic comment for the 100th time. That said, the course is a lot of fun if you like con law (if you don't, don't bother, the entire syllabus is excerpts of Supreme Court opinions). Interesting subject matter, and he's an engaging lecturer. I didn't honestly think he was pompous, and he did respond to e-mails, it just took a few days. The real problem with the class is just that it's huge and he encourages participation, and there are a few people who love to raise their hands and make disturbingly stupid or irrelevant comments. It doesn't seem to matter how many times he tells them that they're wrong or wholly off topic, they just keep coming back. I would still retake the class in a minute though.

Feb 2002

He's pompous and arrogant, but he's brilliant. You'll learn a ton about constitutional law, but you quickly get the feeling that the professor's only here because it looks good on his CV. (i.e.: he couldn't care less about the students) He bolts from the room immediately after class, hoping to avoid all but the most tenacious who have to ask that all-important question or complain about a poor grade. He doesn't respond to email, and refers all issues to the TA--an equally arrogant law student. Essays are thoroughly challenging, and even fun to write--just be prepared for when the TA shreds your writing to pieces. That said, it's not a bad class. Just be aware of what you're getting yourself into.

Jan 2002

If constitutional law brings a warm glow to your face, Jethro will have you burning like a bonfire. That Columbia has not yet wrested him away from his full-time post at New York Law School is deeply upsetting. No, this course is not exactly a secret any more--with enrollment at 114 and counting--but don't let the 6:10-7:25 bit scare you off. This man is worth your dinnertime.