Your Longer Life

May 2021

I spent a year with Prof March in two courses, and she is just fantastic. Extremely well-spoken and expert in public health. She was responsive to my emails and helpful even outside of course material. I wish she taught more courses! Intro to Public Health - A good general survey of what public health is. She teaches it entirely and is very passionate about it. Low workload. A few typical research papers, which if you adhere to the rubric you're golden. I enjoyed it. Great TAs. Your Longer Life - March only teaches a handful of the classes, and her lectures are enjoyable as usual, but Dean Linda Fried is the main professor (most of the material is directly from her research) and her lectures are slow, verbatim, slide-readings. Honestly, I tuned out for half of this class because of how repetitive it was. I wish it focused less on the value of older people and had more on how to facilitate healthy aging. The final group project (groan) had almost nothing to do with the content drilled into you during the course... it was a pie-in-the-sky climate change mitigation(???) design project. There is also an interview project which I found interesting.

Apr 2021

This class is 95% fluff. You could probably fit the entire syllabus into 4 classes' worth of content, but for some reason, the professors saw fit to stretch it out into a torturously slow full-length course. Every day they start by repeating the same basic takes about old age and the opportunity that older adults present to society. The assignments are easy but very tedious. The course is also very unorganized, and both the professors and the TAs are bad at replying to emails. But maybe the worst part is how sycophantic some of the students are — they gush about how "important" this class is as if it's literally not just an assortment of buzzwords with a teaspoon of actual content. I recommend you avoid this class unless you have to take it or unless you want your mind to slowly go numb and die.