Calculus III

Dec 2020

Highly organized, genuinely wants students to succeed, and very patient with questions. The class group chat is always gushing about how lovable Prof Klang is. I don't know if it's because of the online format, but she took on an "active learning" approach this semester so you read the relevant pages before class and come to class for questions and to get her little tips and tricks. If you hate reading textbooks don't worry because she uploads notes on the textbook that really condenses the material and does a very good job extracting the key points. Her lectures are very structured and the content is based on a pre-class questionnaire that you fill out before class that contains a few questions on the topic. She uploads all her in class notes to the drive afterwards, very helpful if you wanna review lecture content and are not bothered to scroll through the lecture recordings. She gives out practice tests with answer keys before midterms and finals. They're very helpful and I'm so grateful that she took the time to make those. She also lets you negotiate and adjust your grade weightings.