Health Inequalities

Jan 2021

I had never taken a class even remotely similar in terms of content but this is literally the best class I have ever taken. Maybe it is Roberts' resounding voice, passion for the subject, funny personality, or the amazing content, idk but this class was amazing. Even the boring units in terms of content (in my opinion, other people seemed to love them) were really fun because of prof Roberts. Honestly, every single one of my friends, regardless of major, have gotten a text from me that basically said "take a class with professor Roberts. He changed my life." You study everything from tuberculosis, to COVID-19 and I believe some of the units change year to year (I know that a previous year did a full unit on mental illness but skipped reproductive justice, whereas we did a bit on Schizophrenia but an extremely extensive unit on reproductive justice). TLDR; take this class, take any class taught by Samuel Roberts. I cannot stress this enough; he is AMAZING Also, I got an A in the class and even if I failed it, I probably still would have thought prof Roberts is a God amongst men :)