Trust and Mistrust in Science and the Expert

Jan 2021

Amazing and everyone should take this class or at least take a class with Prof Eyal. I only have good things to report about this class. For a lecture on Zoom, Prof Eyal kept us very engaged, pausing his slides for questions and comments and sometimes we found ourselves in very engaging conversations. We also had breakout rooms in lecture and in discussion section and I actually felt like I knew people in the class from familiar faces or frequent breakout room conversations (which is very impressive for Zoom). People always had insightful conversations and everyone genuinely seemed to enjoy the class and topic which made everything so much better. The TAs were also great (big shoutout to Julian and Daria). Readings were insanely interesting and have totally changed how I think about certain things (readings were also manageable and weekly!!). This is the first time this class has been offered and it is so interesting in terms of the COVID-19 pandemic, vaccines and on a larger scale of climate change, how people view government and where trust comes from on a personal and group level. Prof Eyal is so smart but also wants to hear his students' perspectives and thoughts so I highly recommend participating because it will only enrich your class experience.