Calculus II

May 2021

I have personally heard some Calc 2 horror stories, so I feel pretty lucky to have landed in Dimitrov's class. There were both prerecorded and live lectures for each topic, so you could either just watch a 40-minute video and not attend class or attend live class to ask questions and watch him do some examples more slowly as well (in the online/covid year format). He would go over any homework problem step-by-step in OH if you had a question, and was overall very receptive to student feedback and understanding and willing to help. He posted four practice exams before each exam that followed the format exactly of each exam, which I found to be very fair. I don't think any of the exams were unreasonable, and he was also very reasonable and timely with grading. Idk what he would be like in a normal year, but given my experience, I would recommend it!

Jan 2021

Professor Sylvan is a really really nice person, but his class was very frustrating and often confusing. His tests were almost impossible, incredibly confusing, and did not feel anywhere close to the difficulty level of homework problems or anything we covered in class. Again, he is so nice, just a frustrating teacher and a little disconnected from his students. Not a large workload, but a very difficult class.