Intermediate Hebrew: Intensive Grammer Review

May 2012

Zippi is an excellent Hebrew instructor. She genuinely cares about her students and will make sure she is going at a level that works for the class. She teaches the material in a clear and thorough way and I felt like my grasp of the language really improved. Zippi supplements her classes with reading Hebrew articles, which makes the material come alive. She is an amazing teacher and person and a pleasure to get to know both in and out of the classroom. Overall, I highly recommend that you take this class if you are looking to improve your Hebrew grammar skills!

May 2009

to sum up this class in one word--- AAAAHHHH! the class is so boring and so pointless, but it is the mandatory 4th semster of hebrew language. literally i felt like i was back in 2nd grade learning nekudot and how to conjugate verbs.... BORING AS HELL AND COMPLETELY USELESS. with that said, ronit is pretty sweet and easy to talk to so the class was fine. the work load is pretty light and most of it is completely mindless and not necessary to do. there were weekly quizes and a midterm and a final... if you placed into this class and have to take it, dont worry it will be fine and easy. if you are electing to take it, and you have a sufficient background in hebrew language then you are wasting your time!

Dec 2006

Nehama Bersohn is probably one of the best Hebrew teachers I have ever had (and this is coming out of 12 years of Hebrew day school). She encourages everyone's participation and, because she keeps her classes small, she doesn't hesitate to spend as much as necessary to explain things that aren't completely understood all around. She's a genuinely nice woman and she is ABSOLUTELY brilliant - the woman can quote tanach (Hebrew bible) off the top of her head and she actually genuinely knows the reasons for all the tedious grammar rules she was teaching. I wish she taught some advanced Hebrew classes so I could continue to take classes with her!

Aug 2006

Most of my hebrew teachers prior to college were downright bad. I was not looking forward to more hebrew, but Prof. Bersohn was awesome. She even managed to make grammar not so boring. She knows the Bible so well that she can relate what you are learning to something you recognize from prayers or just a famous pasuk (verse from bible) or phrase. She is also one of the nicest teachers you will ever encounter. Yes, its true, she makes fun of you if you are late. I was definately her favorite to pick on. But its all out of love. She really cares about her students and tries to help them out in any and every way. If you have the choice, without a doubt, take Prof. Bersohn.

Jan 2000

A charming old Jerusalemite, Ben-Vered gets the job done.