Music in Southeast Asia

Sep 2020

I really loved him! He's super chill, low-stress, and funny. I liked him because he was approachable and made me feel like my thoughts and opinions were always validated. He's a very fair professor and someone I'd genuinely want to hang out with - I don't think he gets the credit he deserves!

May 2020

Hicham Chami is a wonderfully dedicated and engaging professor. He's hilarious and approachable, and really centers the conversation around diverging perspectives. Because he encourages discussion, I've never been bored, and would even say that it has pushed me to participate more, even in my other classes . I came in with no knowledge of the subject, and he really made me want to know more and continue researching and listening to a music I had never been exposed to. One of the best part of the class was the fact he really underscored the importance of thinking critically and questioning what could otherwise be perceived as innocuous academia. Professor Chami is also deeply empathetic and will allow for extensions if asked in a timely manner.