Calculus III

May 2020

It really depends on your intention and why you're at Columbia. Everybody, almost with no exception, finds this class overly easy. (I would add, does not deserve to be a college-level course) This is very surprising after Calc 1 was three times harder and rewarding. If you are like me, who wants actually to learn something and not just get a good grade, then don't take this class. (hoping other sections are better - I honestly don't know) Each class has the exact same plot, just with different materials. A formula is shown, no explanation of why and how is presented, and then we go through an example that shows how the formula is used in a question. No theory, no logic - even mindless memorization of the formula is not necessary because you can have a cheat-sheet for every test. You can get much, much more for reading the book, for less amount of time than showing up for class (20 mins of reading and you can be down with a week of 2 lectures). I don't know if this is the nature of calc 3 at Columbia or just Klang's section, but I was very disappointed. (Calc 1 was transformational for me in contrast) There was absolutely zero added value for the professor in class, to what you can read online (at the end of the day, we were presented with a formula and then played the game of insert the right variable in the right spot every freaking class). This can be your dream class if you want an easy class; I didn't have an easier one at Columbia.