Apr 2020

I had Prof. Glendinning for physiology this semester, and I loved the class and his teaching style! He sets very clear, reasonable expectations for students, so you never have to wonder what will or won't be on the exams. The class is very process-based (it's physiology, obviously) and it's great for people interested in real world applications of bio, like medicine or sports. I also love that he includes research articles in the coursework. His lectures are very clear and organized. The textbook isn't necessary, but it's great to use as a reference if something, in particular, has been difficult to understand. Prof. Glendinning also asks lots of questions during class, so those who do the readings or preview the slides can feel rewarded for their efforts when they know the answers. He brought a real brain to class one time, so be prepared for that! Overall a great class, 10/10 would recommend!