Social and Personality Development

Jan 2014

Mariana is the best TA ever! She was incredibly helpful whenever I went to her office hours for Social and Personality Development. She is also great at explaining complex phenomenon in ways anyone can understand. If you have her as a TA for a class, definitely go to her office hours because she will be a huge help. She is also really fun to talk to, down to earth and funny. Feel lucky if you have her as a TA!

Apr 2007

take this class. she is amazing. a lovely person who truely wants to help you to do well. she does not work full time at cu, so she actually makes phone appointments in order to talk to you about your papers. also, it was an easier class, and the information seems easy. the lectures are really a recap of the reading from the previous night, so lectures are not that important to go to. you may think that it is easy until you get the exam back and notice that when you thought that you knew the info perfectly, she was looking for specific words. crazy grader, but easy information. the exams are essay questions that you mainly have before the exam, but memorize memorize memorize. she will be a stickler for specifics

Jan 2005

If you have any interest in this class, take it! Lutz knows her stuff. She explains everything to the best of her ability, even though some arrogant/ talkative students always had something to argue about. The two papers, that are graded by the TAs, are fair. Although you don't have to read everything assigned, she starts to pick up on it when she asks questions that you should know the answers to (from the readings). For the most part the readings are good but skip the really really big ones (if you need them for the paper later on you can just you the bullets to read the specific section). The only problem I had was that if someone was talking, if you dropped a pencil or if you itched your nose she saw it. Not only would she catch every movement but she would stop herself mid-sentence to ask them to please stop. She's cute but after a while it is distracting to the other 80+ students trying to listen to her lecture.

Dec 2004

While I signed up for this class hoping to have Dweck, Stacey Lutz was a suprise and a complete delight. She is smart, funny, and a really nice person in general. While she is hard to reach out of the classroom, the class was one of the best I've taken in Psych here. Personally, i love her cross-cultural analysis. She isn't afraid to go inter-disciplinary. Her lectures are seasoned with witty comments and great examples from life. The class was very straight forward, easy to understand, and interesting. Despite the size (which was really my only objection), she managed to facilitate interested discussions and keep everyone engaged. She has cute style (always the fishnets!) a sweet smile and is willing to let you challenge the theories. I really enjoyed her approach to the subject matter and I recommend her wholeheartedly if she teaches the class again.

Dec 2004

Dr. Lutz is an absolute sweetheart. She's very smart and funny. She is one of the few teachers I've ever had that simply wants you to learn what she has to offer. No tricks, not out to screw you. She also has extensive knowledge of anthropolgy and incorporates this into most discussions. The grading of the papers and exams (both essay) can be a little tough but everything you need to know is readily available. She has review sessions on the last day of class before each test where you can ask questions about the review sheet (which contains everything you need to know for the test).

Aug 2004

Dweck is a great person, very nice, warm, and helpful. Unfortunately I took her class, partially based on her great reviews, and did NOT enjoy it. The tests are a pain in the ass because you literally have to memorize everything verbatim and spit it back exactly. Due her testing style is NOT at all stimulating, I found that although I went to every class and did all the readings...I learned NOTHING! The material is quite obvious, almost to the point of absurdity. Yes, spending time with you kid is probably good for their development. There are many nuanced theories, which while learning seemed mildly interesting, but looking back on the course, I cannot say that I learned one thing. If you are capable of memorization you will do wonderfully in the course...don't skip any classes because she wants you to regurgitate much of her lectures on the test. While I did get an A, I would not recommend the course unless you are fanatically interested in child development to the point where you do not mind listening to the same exact thing over and over again.

Jan 2004

I agree with the other reviewers who said that the class was interesting and informative; I reslly enjoyed it. I just have a tip to future students: on the tests, you will be expected to answer 8 short answer questions with exact terminology, precision and thoroughness. Memorize, memorize, memorize, and you can get an A. It's all spit-back - no one is loking for you to be inventive or creative.

Dec 2003

I really enjoyed this class. I had no trouble staying awake. At times the material seemed to be "dumbed down" but she is a good lecturer overall. My only complaint is about the tests. They are not difficult to study for since the TAs give out a review sheet so you know exactly what to read in the textbook and Dweck herself runs an in-class review session of the lecture material. But, all the grading is done by TAs, including undergrad TAs and it is very uneven. For example, no single test is graded completely by one person. The TAs divy up the questions and then grade their questions on everyone's tests. This results in odd point patterns with some TAs (there were 3 my semester) grading more harshly than others. It's painful to lose all your points consistently on the questions graded by the same TA test after test. FYI I am getting an A minus so it didn't hurt me so much as annoyed me.

Jun 2003

The professor is amazing, her lectures are engaging and the topics are really interesting. She paces herself well and is very articulate. One of the nicest professor's I have meet in my three-year stay here. All of the power-point lectures are on the web to help you study for the exams. The only problems is that the TAs create review-sheets, and the exam questions and grade them basically without any input from Professor Dweck, so how good or bad the TAs are is the luck of the draw. The class is not easy but really interesting, which makes it more than worth it.

Feb 2003

The class itself was very enjoyable. Dweck's a great lecturer, she picks good topics to cover, and is pretty organized with her material. She's a nice lady and I'd recommend her for any class. The tests are challenging for the following reason: one of the TA's will give you a review sheet with a list of topics from which the free response questions will be taken (the tests are all free response). However, the amount of material covered is enormous when you take the lectures together with the book. Because they give you a review sheet, they expect you to spit out information EXACTLY as it was originally stated in either the book or lectures. Long story short, there's an sizeable amount of memorization involved, and getting an A will be difficult in the old fashioned sense: it will take hard work and long hours.

Jan 2003

Interesting material about childhood development (i.e., how to raise smart, popular children). The material is somewhat obvious (do't hit your kids if you want them to turn out normal), but the case studies are interesting, and the professor explains everything nicely. Dweck is almost too nice; you'll roll your eyes as she frequently stops for ignorant questions from some students and showing-off questions from ass clowns ("did they take into account...?").

Jan 2003

What a dynamic lecturer who more than often made the whole class laugh at some personal anecdote. It was the first time I really thought a Columbia Professor was more interested in teaching the students than in just her research because she was able to combine both! Yes, the tests are drawn out but the information is very straightforward so a couple reads of the book and careful outlining of the review sheets makes for decent to good grades.

Dec 2002

Overly devoted to Dweck's own work, with little exploration of other people's work. Topic is interesting, but presentation is very dry. A lecture format only and you better take careful notes. TA's do all the grading and they look for the precise answer that they want. It really turns out to be quite arbitrary, and you can really know the material and still get a poor grade. Dweck lectures and you memorize.The rest is left up to the TA's, who can be harsh.

Nov 2002

Prof. Dweck is a very engaging lecturer, and while she does teach right off the slides most of the time, the supplemental information from her elaborations on the slides are often valuable. It is true that her data are questionable since a student in her own lab discovered that the relationships between her variables may not be causal, but the information is valuable nonetheless and it is true that anyone who wants to become a parent should take this course.