Urban Studies Colloquium

May 2011

Susan is a nice person in general and helpful during first semester. However, something happened in second semester for the Senior Seminar in International Topics. We only had class about nine times (out of fourteen weeks). She would cancel class an hour before it was scheduled without providing a reason. Although she was often late (30-1hr) first semester she promised she would not be late second semester. But this didn't really happen. She would also routinely give our thesis corrections back more than a few weeks later than promised. This is very stressful given that by the time you get your corrections back your paper may have gone in an entirely different direction. oftentimes the comments were so sparse that it did not seem to warrant the month long wait. In the end she had to push our final deadline back two weeks to make up for her lateness in returning our final drafts. We all just wanted to get it over with but it was dragged out even further. The point of handing in the thesis early is to be able to focus on other classes and finals but this didnt really happen with Susan. To get the most out of this class you will have to rely on your thesis partner. The same is true of all the urban studies senior thesis seminars as I have heard even worse horror stories.The research experience is completely worth it though. But be warned that just because she is consistently late in everything it does NOT mean she will allow you to be. She has little patience for it in others. She does, however, bring AWESOME guest speakers each semester.

Jan 2002

Owen is a dedicated, fair teacher. If you don't like him, urban studies is not for you. His voice can drone sometimes, sure, but so what? If you're interested in the subject matter, you won't even notice. He is also a handy advisor to have. Careful - he can be a little moody. Don't take it personally.

Jan 2002

This class was incredibly disappointing. If you can take it with another professor, do so. I really enjoy urban studies yet this class was an absolute chore. She started nodding off during students' presentations of their final projects. I am not kidding. She does little if anything to stimulate discussions. Stay away.