Introduction to Psychology

Dec 2020

Professor Taylor is by far the most understanding, empathetic, and informative professor I have had. While her lectures are a lot of material, she takes the time to ensure that you have an understanding of the material and uses practical examples to help you understand the concepts. She cares deeply for all of her students, encouraging us all to take our mental health seriously and she did her best to make this remote semester less stressful. At the end of each lecture, she posts slides with study questions at the end. Every question on her test comes from these concepts so if you do the study questions and understand them well, you will do well on these exams. The exams are very much based on lectures, so if you don't go you will not do well on the tests. Overall, an amazing class and an amazing professor. Take it, you won't regret it!

Nov 2020

If you are not a STEM person (but need to fulfill the science requirement) and are looking for a super easy A, TAKE THIS CLASS. This class is so manageable and easy. Professor Jhanwar is very nice and the material is presented in an organized way. Her lectures are all done via powerpoint (and she basically just reads off the slides), which I really liked. The class can get boring, but overall the material is interesting and not overly science-y at all. I definitely learned a lot. I never read the textbook because Prof. Jhanwar always sent out review slides before each exam with all the information we would be tested on. If you study it and memorize all the terms on the slides, you'll easily get a A on each exam. This class is pretty much purely about memorization. If you are good at memorizing and want to learn more about psychology or simply need to fulfill the science requirement, I would highly recommend Prof. Jhanwar's section.