Intensive General Chemistry Laboratory

Apr 2020

If you're deciding between taking gen chem lab and intensive gen chem, don't be fooled by this course's supposed "intensity". After dropping gen chem and delaying a semester until I can take intensive, I can tell you that CHEM 1507 is INFINITELY better than gen chem. This class is group-based, meaning instead of suffering alone, you get to pass those lab hours with three of your favorite chemistry friends at Columbia. Professor Avila also truly cares about his students. I was super hungry because I had AoE right before chem lab, and guess what? Prof Avila sees me eating lunch in the hallway and tells me he wants us healthy and happy in the lab, so take as many breaks as we need to! Self-care am I right? The labs are also much more interesting than gen chem. Overall, I can't be happier that I took this course. Take it if you get the chance.