Reforming American Elections

May 2021

Way too much workload for a 3 credit class. stay away. half the class dropped and I should have too.

May 2021

I am taking his elections class in Summer A, so only 6 weeks, in an intensive format during the summer. I have some strong feelings about this guy which is why I'm writing this review about 4 weeks into the course. I wouldn't say he's as evil as all the other reviews make him out to be -- during live classes, he can really be quite pleasant, and he is a very decent lecturer. He has a lot of interesting things to say about the topic, which he is clearly passionate about and has a lot of experience in. He challenges his students with a rigorous course, but not to an unreasonable extent. HOWEVER. I was very impressed with him up until I encountered some issues, in which I found that he can be very inflexible, and when not in a large class setting, he can be very self-important. Even when asking questions in office hours, or after class, whenever it's one on one, he's very unapproachable. I had to miss class for religious reasons, and he did not make any exceptions on the in-class quiz for me, and would not extend the deadline, and automatically made that quiz I missed on of my automatically dropped quizzes. Moreover, when I encountered technological issues when trying to submit one of my assignments, he was once again, very inflexible. Honestly, I would be a bit less scathing if this class had been taken in normal settings; however, during a pandemic, in an intensive summer class, entirely online, when most of us are going through awful mental health burnout, his absolute lack of sympathy is quite frustrating. Take this class during a normal semester if you want something interesting but challenging, quite rigorous (as he holds his classes similar to law school courses), but you have to be willing to stick to exactly every single one of his rules, and do not expect much understanding or empathy coming from him.

Aug 2020

This class is not for the feint of heart. Professor Miller is extremely passionate and knowledgeable about this topic and will make sure it will be engraved into your brain. The lectures are long and packed with information but also very interesting. He designs the course to prep you for law school. He will cold call you for the case briefs/summations so it forces you to be on your A game. This isn't an Easy "A" course. But with that being said, if you are passionate about American elections or law, I would highly recommend his class. You learn so much from his interesting take on this course.