Seeing, Surveilling, and Performing

Dec 2020

I have no idea why Professor Condillac's reviews are so negative! I had her for FYW this semester and I loved her. She's a very sweet person and her class created by far the best sense of community that I experienced this semester. This class wasn't my first choice for FYW, but it was the one that I ended up with, and even though the first few weeks were a little slow, by the end of the semester it was one of the most enjoyable classes I took. The readings were all interesting and the class discussions that we had were always lively and passionate. Professor Condillac was very accommodating and frequently asked us for feedback on how she could make the class more enjoyable and less stressful for us. Granted, the fact that FYW was P/F this semester is probably why we all liked her more than her past students did, but nevertheless, I think she's a very sweet, kind person, and I'm pretty sure my classmates agree. Her feedback was thoughtful and helpful. The most annoying part of this class was the frequent "1-2 page free responses" that we had to turn in after almost every reading, but to my knowledge, she never really looked back at them or graded them, so it's very low pressure, and writing them WAS helpful in formulating ideas for later papers, so I recommend doing them thoughtfully anyway.