Calculus III

Nov 2020

Professor Savin is a genius, but he's one of those geniuses that doesn't understand how everyone else doesn't understand the super complex ideals that come so naturally to him. I can see how he'd be a great professor for higher-level maths, but Calc III this semester (Fall 2020, online) has just not been it, my dude. He assumes we basically know everything already or understand it all the first time. He tends to ramble on a bit and focuses on over elaborating easy concepts and saying "well, you should just understand this intuitively" when explaining difficult concepts. Don't get me wrong, he seems like a nice guy who really wants us to learn. However, I think his own incredible brilliance (he literally scored perfectly on the IMO) keeps him from being a good prof for basics like Calc III. Most of our class doesn't show up to lectures anymore:( take him for diff. eqs., but not for this.