Introduction to Computer Science for Engineers/Applied Scientists - Python

May 2021

This guy is a really bad teacher on two levels. First, his communication skills are lacking and it is unclear why he says the things that he does. And if you ask questions, he becomes irritated and implies that your question is stupid. Which leads me into point number two: I'm not sure why Professor Paine is teaching undergrads if his attitude is so horrible. You would think that he is God's gift to humanity, based upon his ego and dismissal of any semblance of intellectual curiosity. Stay far away. I got an A in his class, but it was the hardest A of my life because I had to learn from someone who clearly did not want or care to teach well. You're better off taking the class with a real professor that you can actually get to know and get advice from. The only saving grace of this class is that you grow closer to your classmates, because it is a hell of a journey -- and not in the good way.