Topics in Computer Science: Intro to the Semantic Web

Apr 2011

From my course evaluation: I am sorry to say, but this course was a waste of time and money. The professor began the semester hiding behind a desk, and it only got worse from there. As more and more people stopped coming, she seemed to lose more and more of her confidence. The midterm was a disaster, much too long and needlessly picky on syntax. Certain things are done best by computers, so what is the point of having them on an exam other than to be able to ascribe a grade at the end? Following the midterm, the professor basically lectured (read 'read straight from the slides, which were straight out of the book') directly to the computer, only raising her head to bury it in the textbook or to look at the blackboard. Not to say that she didn't respond to questions, but half the class could have disappeared and she wouldn't have noticed. Overall, the course seemed to be more about teaching things that could be easily tested, rather than understanding concepts in depth. This is not a teacher who should be returning next semester.