Intro Latinx Literature

Aug 2020

This is one of the best courses that I've taken at Columbia. Most of the students in the class when I took it were not English majors, so I found that class discussions were never dragged down by jargon or students trying to say overly intelligent things. Prof Sanchez Carter made it a really open space for students to share their experiences while making extremely insightful connections to the texts. I enjoyed almost all of the readings in the class (mostly contemporary novels/memoirs) and when a student didn't like a text, the professor encouraged us to explore what we didn't like and why we didn't like it. In addition Prof. Sanchez Carter adapted best to online learning out of all of my professors. She sent out frequent surveys asking about how students were doing and what she could do for them. She also sent individual emails to students with positive feedback which made the course feel so much more personal. She obviously cares so much about the content and her students. I would 100% recommend this course to any student in any field of study!