General Chemistry 1

Jan 2021

This was a great class. Rachel Austin was a great teacher who loved answering questions and had plenty of office hours. This year, the semester was way different the professors were use to and I think her lecture class adjusted well. The content was not too challenging for people who took AP or IB chem, but TA's and Professor Austin were very understanding to people coming from different backgrounds of chemistry. The work load was a lot for this class. We had one test take home problem graded on work and accuracy, sapling homework graded on accuracy(you had a couple tries and can work with other students), weekly check in. There were no midterms/finals for this semester. We had to take a lab for this class that was disorganized and hard to follow. In the beginning of the year, we used modeling software which was a cool way to learn chemistry and then the second half of the year, it was just videos. The directions for the lab was often unclear and some lab professors had completely different expectations than others. So when you went to a lab office hour without your professor, you might get a different answer. To solve these problems, The class just added more office hours. Sometimes I would be in office hours 3 times a week, which should not be allowed. BEWARE of the lab. Keep in mind, this review is only for the year 2020 but I think it was still important to review the class.