Calculus III

Feb 2021

One of the best math professors I have ever had, and by far the best I've had at Columbia. I read a few reviews that said her class is "too easy" which is probably only because she teaches the material so incredibly well it makes calc 3 seem like a breeze. She has such a clear and concise way of explaining things and it is clear she really understands the material she is teaching thoroughly. The midterms were moderately difficult but if you take proper notes and study it is not so bad. It's also multiple choice which made it less stressful. Her lectures are adjusted for covid so that you take notes and read the material before class at home and she goes over the harder material in class. She provides soo many resources that it's hard to feel completely lost because there is so much extra help between her detailed notes and all the videos she adds to each week's module. Great class! She really deserves all the gold nuggets!