Law and Violence

Sep 2020

Professor Gundogdu is INCREDIBLE!! I honestly have nothing negative to say. The readings are all very reasonable and interesting, and her analysis in class is always helpful and helped me fully understand how to comprehend complex political theory debates and ideas. She is always available and very helpful in office hours, and truly cares about her students. She will sit with you every week for however long you need and help you understand the material. Her class is very organized and she outlines in great detail in her syllabus what is required of you, and works with you step by step as you put together your final 20-25 page research paper. Most professors just give you the assignment and hope for the best! Professor Gundogdu gives feedback multiple times in the process and will actively help you find resources that could be helpful for your paper. Anyways, definitely take a colloquium with Professor Gundogdu if you're into political theory and also appreciate when theory is contextualized in modern-day issues and interesting interpretations of law.

Mar 2020

Superficial and incomprehensible analysis of works. It is made somewhat easier by the fact that she is organized. Emphasis on somewhat. A tedious class with readings that are far-fetched rather than actually relevant, interesting, and helpful. Ultimately shows that if you want to take political theory, you are better off on the other side of broadway.