Calc Based Intro to Stat

May 2021

Nice and funny professor, though I don't know if one could take this class without prior experience with statistics. He's very chill (maybe too chill) and I don't think anyone would have a problem with him. That being said, if the concepts are new, I'd expect outside reading in addition to his notes to learn more. He also made sure not to talk too fast. He also liked to show us his dogs via Zoom video, Zoom backgrounds, and problem questions.

Apr 2021

Robbins unfortunately doesn't know how to give a good lecture. Her lectures are always so painfully boring and she brushes over the actual "calculus-based" portion of the introduction to statistics. Don't take this class if you need to know that. Columbia's statistics department is trash but I've heard the department is now giving students more instructors to choose from for this class so make your decision wisely.

Apr 2021

Professor Rios is probably the funniest teacher that I've ever had, but whether we laugh with Rios or at Rios is very unclear: - For the zoom semester at least, he was often late to his own classes, and even when on time, would teach half of the slides in chat instead of speaking. Yes, in chat; the thing you use to individually dm randos in. What does this mean? If we compared this to a regular semester, it would equate to writing out his speech on post its and taping them to students' foreheads. - His test questions were incredibly unclear. His practice exams were great and trained us well for the content, but when we got to the actual test... the final was like one big question, but it had the most cryptic questions ever. These weren't hard questions, but questions that made no sense. He also may have made a 69 joke on the final (he claimed n=69 when n=62, and then corrected himself minutes before the final was due). Maybe that's just my inner Rios talking. - He went out of his way to make pretty funny jokes. He's like a stats dad with all the dad jokes. PLUS he often featured his dogs in class. - He is super super understanding. He is very nice and genuinely feels for his students. Either that or he's way too lenient. No no, I swear he's just really nice. - He often gave one word responses to emails. My point is, Rios is VERY unprofessional for a stats teacher, but whether that's a bad thing is for you to decide. If you need to get this out of the way as a requirement, it's easy to do well while having a minimally adequate grasp of material. If you actually need to learn it, RUN; there will be a lot of self teaching, excel-ing, anova-ing, and reading the textbook-ing involved.

Apr 2021

take this class with prof robbins! she's great and very fair. imo the material is explained well and her lectures/slides are clear. she cares about making sure we understand the material and she is positive and enthusiastic. lots of resources for students. this was a rewarding class and I'm glad I took it

Jan 2021

If you care for your grades and learning Statistics, AVOID this professor at all costs. I believe I speak for many other students in class when I say I had no idea what he was teaching. Is it because of his thick accent or his inability to explain concepts idk. He also made the finals incredibly hard on certain specific topics that were not covered well enough in the lectures and they were nothing like the problem sets assigned. This was after coming up with a ridiculous request for us to print an academic integrity statement form (which he later rescinded upon realizing how unnecessary this was). He literally said: For those of you that don't have printers, just go get one. You have more than enough time to do so. smh

Dec 2020

Super chill guy and like someone else mentioned I wish the class was in person so we could get to know him better. That being said I watched 10 hours of youtube videos to understand the material. So if you DO take this class here is some advice: - The class material is all over the place and the lecture notes are very difficult to follow, I often ended up having 0 ideas what was going on - with that being said what helped me was to watch youtube lectures on similar concepts covered in class and what was stated on the syllabus (e.g One-way Anova) - Whenever you see an equation in the notes, write it down and compare it to the textbook or look it up to make sure you understand the reasoning behind said equation/proof - Don't pay too much attention to actually understanding the HW's as they won't adequately prepare you for the Exams - Focus on his practice tests; they won't make perfect sense but you'll get an idea of how to answer Questions - TA Office Hours!

Jul 2020


Jan 2020

Take Hammou for Calc-Based Stats! I registered for Joyce Robbins and then a week before classes started her name was swapped out with his and I was mad. But turns out Hammou was great. And based on what I've heard, he's much easier and more straightforward than Joyce, at least in terms of the exams he gives. Exam 1 average was very high. Exam 2 was hard and average was around 65%. Final was easier material than exam 2 so I'm assuming average is higher. You get two cheat sheets for the final and one for the midterms. This class is basically just "can you use equations you have written down on paper correctly"? Straightforward if you take good notes and have the appropriate equations written down. Boring material, but what can you do? Hammou is nice, though. And he really tries. What a sweet man.